05 Feb, 2018

Smart Metering: Enabling Awareness

05 Feb, 2018

Imagine, if you could pay for the energy you actually use, and not based on a rough guesstimate.

Imagine, if you could save on utility payments, by having precise usage data.

Today’s utility service providers rely heavily on manual processes and historical data, to make rough guesses about our monthly energy consumption, which result in higher costs passed on to us.

Tripledot aims to change all that with our solution of smart, interconnected utility meters that can deliver real-time usage data, to homeowners, Electricity Retailers and Power Generation Companies (GENCOs).

Our cloud platform leverages intelligent algorithms that can deliver usage efficiency, transparency, and data, directly to all parties in the value chain.

Having real-time utility data allows you to monitor and change your energy usage habits, giving you better control of your energy spending. Tripledot empowers consumers to move towards sustainable energy consumption habits, and put money back into your wallet. A recent British Gas study revealed that smart meter users reduce their energy consumption by around 3% per year because of real-time utility data feedback.

The only way to conserve and reduce energy consumption is through awareness, and having accurate, relevant information can change our energy consumption habits for the better.

Tripledot will be showcasing our solutions at Shell’s #makethefuture event, from March 8th – 11th, 2018, at the Singapore Changi Exhibition Centre. See you there!


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